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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Uh let's see. Here's some memorable quotes:

"Megadeth doesn't rock."

"A failed foreign policy, a failed domestic policy, and a failed presidency."

"Wool, a gas. Steel, a gas. Steel wool, a gas."

"Yeah, clap nice and brisk, like a Phil Collins record."

"You know, we've played at a lot of shit holes lately. It great to be a nice, classy joint like this again."

All said by John Flansburgh. --Duecex2 16:26, 11 November 2007 (UTC) _____ Some memorable parts of the opening band's act:

- The singer/drummer 'air drumming' during a prerecorded drum track. - Airhorn solo.

Also, I quite liked the extremely-slowed-down part of TMBG's Older. _____

I have to say I was quite mad when Flans started going off at Megadeth. As a Megadeth fan, all I have to say to Flans is "I'd like to see you try to play Hanger 18. Yeah. Didn't think so." So now I have a claim to fame, I've given the middle finger to John Flansburgh. Woo. --Duecex2 17:59, 11 November 2007 (UTC) _____


Overall, I have to say that this was a good show, but truly not great. I could tell that the band is starting to get burnt out from this tour, they really weren't as energetic as when I saw them last summer. Like, Linnell completely missed the first verse of "I'm Impressed". Also, the set list structure didn't work well: everyone would be jumping and screaming when they did the old stuff like "Sun", but whenever something from "The Else" was played, the energy just completely died. As one of my friends put it, "They could have had everybody jumping and screaming the whole time, but instead, it was a rollercoaster: up, down, up down."
Still a pretty good show though. Some good quotes:
Flans: (After "failed presidency line in Sun") Oh my god...they said something true.
Flans: We should inform you that the horns will be pointed directly at your heads. We got the permits.
Linnell: Did you see that? I did a wardrobe change there. I took my coat off with my accordion - it was like a breakway coat. Because that's what people really care about - the wardrobe changes. We're throwing out songwriting, musicianship, now it's all about the costume changes.
Flans: Because people don't go home humming the songs - they go home humming the lighting.
Linnell: And the costume changes.
Flans: There is a representitive from Guiness here tonight, and we are setting the record for the largest imaginary intervention. And no, Oasis concerts of the late nineties do not count. Because there was no representitive from Guiness there.
For those who don't understand the above Megadeath rant, Flans "confessed" that he's been telling people that their lighting director looks like somebody from Megadeath. Then he said that he realized that "none of our fans care about Megadeath. Megadeath doesn't rock." Which got a lot of cheers.
Also, did anybody notice that Danny was wearing what looked like a Wriststrong bracelet? :) -AtionSong 18:07, 11 November 2007 (UTC)


I thought the concert was a lot of fun and the guest horns was a really nice bonus. Some of the highlights for me were Dan Miller's acoustic guitar intro to Istanbul (seriously awesome) and I've still got Cyclops Rock stuck in my head. I think I liked the songs from The Else more than some of the other people there, but everyone seemed to be into The Mesopotamians as much as some of the other favorites played.
I was surprised the horns didn't play on Birdhouse. It still rocked my face off but was hoping we were to be treated with a version more like the The Tonight Show version with the Doc Gibbs band. Also at some point Flansburgh went off stage for one song. I can't remember which but it was the song directly after the Megadeth comments.
For me there was a lull 1/3 of the way into the concert, specifically this chain of songs: Mr. Me, She's Actual Size, Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth and Dirt Bike. Some people next to me got really excited when Dirt Bike started, that was nice for them but I could have done without. I liked the performances of She's Actual Size and Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth (especially the horns) but those four songs in a row made for a too long gap in the rock. With that said though I'd easily pay triple the ticket price to hear them play a set of none of my favorite songs.
Also to comment on Megadeth comments Flansburgh made, I don't remember him saying Megadeth didn't rock. Here's how I remember it:
Flansburgh started out saying he's thought for a long time that their lighting guy looks like Dave Mustaine from Megadeth and he wanted to make that statement public. When he was done elaborating on that he made an aside to the effect of "One thing I've learned from being around TMBG fans is that probably no one here gives a shit about Megadeth". Then he made an aside about that saying "Even people who like metal don't like Megadeth".
And then I laughed.--EbolaSalad 19:51, 13 November 2007 (UTC)
I missed the Charleston, SC show because of work so I flew to Chicago for this show. I thought it was a really good show also, but I must say that comparing the two setlists, Charleston was better. I guess I just love "Dead" and they played it there! At the same time I agree with the person above; I just love the songs that rock out so the more of those the better. Great Istanbul solo as well.