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Fan Recaps and Comments:


It's been more than two years since my last show, and it's like I never left. The band hasn't changed at all and are still pumping on all cylinders. Snail Shell was actually a song that I hadn't heard live since my very first show, so that was an amazing treat.
The show was probably one of the more sparsely attended shows I've been to. Probably due to the 21+ venue and the Thursday night slot. The line to get in was VERY short in comparison to other shows I've been to.
Kudos to the venue though. They were very gracious to everyone and didn't stop people from grabbing chairs to sit down in the front door to rest their feet. It was a very lax atmosphere there, and the crowd was fantastic. I'd go to a show there again in a heartbeat.


Overall AMAZING show! Like the above poster, I too hadn't seen them since '04, and hadn't heard Snail Shell since my first show WAY back in the 1900's, as the opening song no less. Got to hear quite a few songs I had never seen live before, including Alphabet of Nations, Minimum Wage, and XTC vs. Adam Ant. I got right up to the stage and saw my heroes as close-up as you can get. Flansy seemed to be having some persistent guitar problems but he pulled off a great show anyway. He and Linnell were trading smiles all throughout- I suspect they were happy to have a pressure-free show at the Jersey Shore.
Flans got a little over-excited and started playing Meet James Ensor before Linnell even had a chance to strap on his accordion. He stopped and joked that while most bands try to start and finish a song together, with TMBG it's always a race to see who can get to the end of a song first.
Phone Calls From The Dead was hilarious, a great Jersey in-joke about the Molly Pitcher rest stop. Can't wait to see them at the Bowery next week- hope it's 80's Night!!!!!
Bit of side trivia: They were originally supposed to play this venue in 2004, but it was closed due to some kind of liquor license violation. As a result the show was moved to the nearby Stone Pony in Asbury Park, a new "Venue Song" had to be created, and the rest is history. As a tribute to that, they played the Stone Pony song at this show. I half expected them to play the "Green Room" song they WOULD have performed had the venue not been changed, but due to the last-minute nature of the venue tunes, they probably never even wrote one.


Had a great time at the show - the new songs sounded tight (esp. Withered Hope). I was hoping to hear Climbing The Walls or The Cap'm but alas...
As mentioned above, attendance was light (due to 21+ and the fact that it was, uhh, Seaside Park) and Flansy was plagued by guitar/amp problems throughout the set, but the band fought through and delivered. Corn Mo's contribution to Particle Man was questionable, could have done without that.
Doctor Worm was a great closer to the set. I drove over from Philly to see this show, and am looking forward to seeing them in Philly later in the year.