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Fan Recaps and Comments:

We were approaching this concert with some apprehension because of the preponderance of material from The Else but we needn't have worried. It had been such a long time - almost five years - since the Giants' last appearance in town that we'd forgotten what a great show they put on, whatever the content.

Some random notes:

  • In "The Sun", John F. referred to failed policies - domestic and otherwise - as the elements.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt was summoned in "Phone Calls From The Dead". Her questions for the band were "Why don't you play the old songs?" and "Why do the new songs suck?"
  • "New York City" included the line "where King Kong lives"
  • In "Fingertips", John F. provided the boy band version of "Having a Heart Attack".
  • In what John F. termed the "intervention version" of "Drink!", the audience was engaged to yell out "NO! WAIT!" after each occurrence of the word "drink".
  • An elaborate Dan Miller solo on acoustic guitar led in to "Istanbul".
  • John L. inserted a verse from "Elusive Butterfly of Love" into "Particle Man", just like he'd done six years before at the show at The Guvernment.
  • The confetti cannons were poised on stage but not used.


Young Rival, a foursome from Hamilton, Ontario, opened with a serviceable set on guitars and drums.

--Son of Bumpy 15:47, 11 November 2007 (UTC)