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Fan Recaps and Comments:


This show was smoking hot. It's been over a year since I've seen them in a proper rock venue. This place was minimally decorated, but loud loud loud. The sound moved my hair. (I hope I damn well remember how great it sounded when I'm a deaf old man. :)
It was intimate, too; even in the second "row" I could practically count Flansburgh's fillings. He let the audience strum his guitar a bit during Famous Polka. And then at the end of the song, he held it out again but I was the only one who reached for it. I strummed a chord, and he let it ring for a bit as the cheering continued. I hope that's what he intended; if not he handled the surprise gracefully.
I knew that I was going to enjoy Corn Mo a lot, and he did not disappoint. He's very expressive and a good showman, and I like his songs. I wanted to buy his CD and/or DVD after the show, but both were all sold out.
Marty Beller really impressed me. He was totally spazzing out during his Famous Polka solo. The man was a blur. On Twisting, too, he was amazingly energetic. Dan Miller was his usual genius. The dueling accordions of Linnell and Corn Mo during Particle Man were a highlight, although at first Corn Mo's was difficult to hear.
I'm too tired to write very much right now. There was a lot of good banter, but I won't try to transcribe it here. Here are some of my observations.
Lincoln Theatre: This was pretty catchy, if lyrically shallow.
Alphabet: Great song! I want to vacation in West Xylophone.
Damn: Wow. I like this quite a bit on the album, but it's even better live. The very end was super fast, perhaps a little too fast for their comfort. But it blew me away.
Robot: I love this version, where they start small and gradually build up to total rock.
Fingertips: Flans totally singled me out during "Heart Attack," even though I am not a girl. It was kind of intense. I had mixed feelings, haha. Maybe it was payback time for my earlier "guitar solo."
Violin: Featuring the wave. I still love seeing this one, what can I say.
Spin: They decided to add this on stage, it wasn't on the written setlist. They hit some good stuff, I'm really glad they kept this in the show download. They started off with a technoish instrumental dance thing, then an instrumental jazz thing, then glossed over some classical, and ended on "I Can See Clearly Now."

Dan Miller wrote:

Good, quality, sold-out rock show. Venue tune is in the spirit of early guitar new-wave - very fun to play. The gig version is OK, but the soundcheck version is A.O.K. If it's around we'll post it in the samples section. Other then that, this is another is the series of highly polished zirconium shows from the band and the fans.
One non-show detail. As I walked back to the hotel after the gig I was propositioned about 8 times by the local hospitality. Being as I was the only one around, their understanding of the adage - location, location, and location comes into question. For future audiences of the Lincoln Theater - turn right, not left, out of the club and avoid the whole scene.