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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Reynoldbot Writes:

This is a review of the downloadable audio offered on the site. When I am considering shows to download, I consider three things: Venue/show's personal relationship (I went to the show, I live near the venue, it's my favorite venue etc.), set list (good songs, rare occurances etc.), and recording quality (clipping, distortion, live feel, fullness etc.). Dan Miller, in his recap, usually mentions the quality of the recording briefly. Those are what this review focuses on.

The audio quality of this show is great. The recording itself is very good. Very clear, well mixed, and not too clinical. It feels like a live show, and there is plenty of fullness and clarity. Dan Miller reflects on the audio quality as "super clear and very high fidelity." He is correct. I used to hear some clipping during some of the loud songs, but as I listen to it now, I can't hear it anymore.

The set list is mostly standard with a few gems. The band has a good energy despite having their bus broken into and play a good show. ...I'm trying to think of more to say about this show but nothing is really coming to mind. It's a good show, and if you are into "hi-fidelity" audio, go for it.

P.S. I am hoping more people, upon reading this, will start posting audio download reviews of these shows, since I don't have the money to buy and review them all. wink wink wink wink wink.

Dan Miller wrote:

Come hear the show that the Guardian Trashed! Never a fan of the band, the Guardian newspaper has kept up its one-sided war with the band with this classic review.
The gig- located deep in the 'where the fuck are we' part of Leeds was not my favorite gig of all time. The troubles began well before show time. It seems that the parking lot is an ATM for the local hooligans. Petrol (I'm using UK speak) was nicked from our truck and several cars were broken into.
However, in this topsy world of ours, the tape came out great. It's super clear and very high fidelity. I'll put up a good size sample so you can hear what I'm talking about.