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Review by Michael Suess:

this was the best TMBG concert i saw, first, the new songs were done great, and i wasn't a big fan of "Lie Still Little Bottle" but Flansburgh Brought this little tree from the world trade center thing, and banged it on the ground to the beat, had everyone snap their fingers, now i love the song, That "Radio" think in there, it's this thing Flans did, he said this was the last time they do it live, well, he turns on the radio, live radio, and he switches the channel, soon enought the band will play the song and flans made up the words it was so great, the lighting was cool, and they pulled out a disco ball for "man it's so loud" they did two encores, it was so great, but they ended up going because "curfew" Flansburgh told a good joke about that, how the theater would kill them if they stayed late... and Linnell FINALLY realized that he was the "Zombie guy of the group after watching the "older" video, after he said that he does kinda look like one, Linnell could make any song sound good live...well, Great show, probably a great tour too