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Oh MAN!!! Can I just start by saying that this was the best (of the two, granted) TMBG concerts I've been to, for many many reasons. I promised that I'd give a review, since it was a relatively small show, 350 tickets, Tufts students only. Anyway, here goes:
The opening band was pretty lousy - Betwixed I believe they were called. The lead singer, some lady, seemed a little psycho. She was convulsing and getting low on the stage with a weird look in her eyes. Only 5 songs we had to suffer through, don't worry.
Then They came on.
I had a great spot, which I will go into further on in the review. I was right up front, but I'm ABSOLUTELY sure that everybody out there doesn't really care. Anyway, I was able to make off with the setlist (even though I was writing down the songs as they played them on a pocket notebook. Curses!)
Drinkin' with the Johns off stage, then they trickled in. Very cool, I'll only make comments when something really out there happened.
Spider was next, of course with Flans holding the mic up in the air.
James K Polk, Good, nothing in particular that I remember
She Thinks She's Edith Head
Mr. Klaw - They dedicated this to some person in the band, I believe he said Mr. John Klaw, or something like that.
Ana Ng, next
Racist Friend
Spiraling Shape - Linnell couldn't remember the album this was from, so he said "Maybe it was... The Spaghetti Incident... Well, whatever album it was from, I'm sure it was a fine album." Or something to that effect.
She's Actual Size
She's an Angel
Radio They Might Be Giants, a funny explaination "Since it's so idiotic to stand here and say stuff like htp, backslash, double backslash... we just made a song about it" It was very funny, especially to computer nerds of course, and colleges are full of them.
Cyclops Rock
Birdhouse in your Soul
The Guitar - Here's the coolest part!!! Flansburgh shoved the guitar right in my face, and I gave it a good strum - actually an awful strum, but a strum nontheless. That's why I say I had such a great spot. Oh MAN! My lefty guitarist friend won't be able to stand it. Ha!
Spy - An insane improv, Flans took conducting for about 2 minutes or so, then passed it on to Linnell for another 2 minutes or so, maybe less. It was cool nonetheless.
I Palindrome I
Rat Patrol
Petname - with no lights. It was planned (It says "No lights" on the setlist) but they acted like the lighting guys had left the building.
Then an Educational song. I was sure it was going to be WDTSS, BUT it was not. It was Mammal. Infotainment. There ya go.
Particle Man with a interlude of SOME SONG I have no idea what it was. If anybody can help me out, that would be great, but I didn't recognize it. It went right into The Famous Polka
Then Dr. Worm cool stuff. Linnell did some groovy singing near the end, fading his voice out as he quickly squeezed the accordion. Sounded neato. oh yea
Then they left. We cheered and cheered, as an encore, they played two more songs:
Graveshoe (A combination Born in the graveyard and Shoehorn with Teeth)
And NYC. They were vamping for a bit, then Flans stopped and asked John "What are we gonna do" John's like "NYC" and Flans went "Nah, that's too easy" But they played it nonetheless.
That was it, they left. They could've come back for Istanbul (It said Maybe Istanbul on the setlist, but I guess they had a 12:00 curfew, according to Flans. Well it was a cool concert, even though I was looking forward to the acoustic istanbul. Oh well.


The interlude in Particle Man was two verses of Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again" - they're still doing that ten years later.
Linnell smiled a BIG smile all the way through Doctor Worm.
Flansburgh came out after the encore set to point at his watch and "mime" that they weren't allowed to play any more, since it was now past midnight.
The show was for students only, but I was still allowed in when I said I didn't have a student ID.