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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Will Beckley:

I am speechless. It was incredible. Obviously, I would have loved more Linnell on the Accordion, and stuff like SenSurround, DMG / Stompbox / DMG, and others, and I went with someone that only has John Henry and someone that had only heard Particle Man and Istanbul, and while both enjoyed it, they were kinda dissapointed. Still, I couldn't be happier. I have a bootleg of the show, and I'm interested in trading. The quality is pretty good, all things considered. The sing-along factor is minimal save a few songs (DLS, Ana Ng, etc) and you can usually get a clear sound of the Johns. I would compare it to other bootlegs, but my only other bootlegs (also up for trade) are LiNY, Dr Spock, and the Transcontinental Transmission. I'm looking for The Dial-a-Song Compilation, on cd if possible, but since I can't offer it, I wouldn't ask anyone to. Also I want *other* atlanta bootlegs, just for comparrison, and any bootlegs where a good recording was acheived of "The Bells Are RInging", "Dig My Grave / Stompbox / Dig My Grave", "Thunderbird", "SenSurround" , "Nightgown of the Sullen Moon", any with a full brass section, and any OLD bootlegs with some great stuff that gets very little play. (I would like the Demo Tape as well, if thats even in consideration.)

Review by Ian McMahon:

Wonderful Show, we should have pictures soon. This was the second annual show attended by the Cold Supple Pig gang. Dan Miller and Dan Hickey were happy to oblige autographs, and Graham Maby (sitting in) hung out with us a bit before the show, but the Johns were fickle and not catering to the fans pre or post show. We got a mere "Hi" out of a quick and unobtrusive Linnell, and Flans merely replies, "Sorry guys, I gotta work!"