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Fan Recaps and Comments:

The first of two shows at The Garage that month. Flans announced that they had experienced some delays arriving in the UK and had not yet been reunited with their personal luggage, so they were performing in the clothes they had travelled in. It was a good show, the first time they had played in the UK with the band of Dans, who I immediately thought were a huge improvement on the 1994 touring setup. Although there were 7 band members including the Johns, somehow the stage felt less crowded than when they appeared here in 1994 with just 6 of them - everything just worked better. Stage banter was good, and they did the weird puppet head thing for Exquisite Dead Guy which felt like they had got their mojo back a bit after a few years of trying to please a major label. British celebrity Jonathan Ross was at this gig, and a member of the audience quite close to the stage. The support act, Catchers, had also opened for TMBG at this venue in 1994, and they were still garbage. 5 days later the band played here again and Linnell announced that the gig was "way better than last week", which I agree, it was. Both were great shows though. - Astralbee