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Fan Recaps and Comments:


WOW! Incredible show, the sweatest, most painful TMBG I`ve been to. And They were in a great mood. Flans has never been funnier, Linnell was walking around the stage when he wasn`t playing, he played the keyboard with his head at one point. Even Dan was fun, and he looks less like Tim Burton with his new, shorter haircut.
Instead of saving the most hyper song, Till My Head Falls Off, for the end, it came fairly early in the show and led to much moshing and dancing throughout the rest of the show. I was really winded by the end of the double punch of The Guitar & Birdhouse.
Linnell was shouting something about a "corpse" during his turn to lead the Spy jam. And To All the Girls... with Linnell singing through the syntheziser was so wonderfully bizzare, I loved it.
Before No One Knows My Plan, Flans ordered everyone to conga for about 2 min. in a hillarious intro. reminicent of Violent Femmes` Dance Motherfucker Dance. Flans: "everybody conga...I`m not fuckin` kidding...everybody conga...shy people conga...this is just the intro...the song hasn`t started..."
Dr. Worm gets better every time I hear it. They Got Lost changes musically every time I hear it, but it`s still my favorite of the soon-to-be-released songs.
As I said in another post, the Johns discussed the People online poll at length before They Got Lost.
TMBG and The Simpsons! Yet another link? Georgie Girl!! I *know* I`ve heard that before, only with the lyrics "Hey there, Blimpie Boy". I know Blimpie`s is a New York hoagie chain, so I assumed it was a commercial jingle. And I`m 95% sure Homer Simpson sang it, if he didn`t, it was George Costanza.
Interesting, instead of saving the hyper songs for the end, They did slower stuff for the last encore. Oh well, I now like HCISLAG? more than ever.
And finally, when I saw Ben Folds Five at the Electric Factory, there were bootleg t-shirts sold outside, I attributed it to BFF`s growing popularity cuz I`d never seen that at such a smaller venue. But there were TMBG shirts, made from the ad in the City Paper (there was a Y100 logo in the corner of `em) for sale in the parking lot! So I attribute it to the Electric Factory. Oh, speaking of BFF, whoever said I should wear a TMBG shirt instead of my BFF shirt, someone complemented me on my BFF shirt. No one would`ve done that if I had my TMBG shirt on.


This was the first TMBG show I'd ever been too. The atmosphere was unbelievable. When I saw the pearly face banners I got goosebumps.
Lincoln, the opening band du jour, was great but nothing could compare to the electricity when John & John hit the stage.
Dr. Worm sounded great, better then the album version I think, and Battle for the Planet of the Apes was intense.
New York City sounded unbeliveable.
The conga intro was funny as hell.
Two encores wasn't enough. I wish they could've gone on all night!
The only low point was they didn't play She's An Angel, one of my favs. I hope to hear that live one day.


My very first TMBG show. I can hardly explain my excitement of seeing these guys in person for the first time- every song was amazing. We got previews of songs from their yet-to-be released

live album, "Dr. Worm", "They Got Lost", and "Battle for the Planet of the Apes", as well as other unreleased songs "Older" and "Georgie Girl". Awesome, awesome show.