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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Sarah:
The show, was fantastic. my favourite, ever. best tmbg show out of my 3.

The Tralf(amadore Cafe) is a nifty place too. a *real lounge* as Flans put it. very tiny stage.

I met the Toronto crowd, Alex Mr. Klaw Gershon, Mike Rose, and Mike Wood; and after the show met Hal and Dan. ((Dan has short gray hair now, by the way... what a drastic change from the curly not-short brown hair.. Anyways))

First, I s'pose I'll get Lincoln outta the way, New songs, 3 i think. "Shotgun Supreme" just plain rocks. Also one called "C'mon Don't Be That Way" and "No Money No Honey". Since Dan Miller (the goodlooking one;)) left, now they're a 3 piece.. So they didn't rock as hard as they did last time. :( The crowd really loved them. One guy shouted "You guys rock!" :) Lincoln does rock.

TMBG!:) they were *very* happy..yay! Linnell came out and shook hands with a guy, Dave, who had a tape recorder out in the open. On purpose maybe? Hmm..

The confetti cannon: they had us in the front row duck down so everyone could see, to which Flans said "now that's cooperation" He was explaining how it was going to hit us, and walked over and pointed at my head as demonstration:)

Spy ran into Lie Still, complete with the mic'ed up Stick! :) {and Linnell playing sax; first time I've seen that actually!} which then ran into "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" with Flans on the stick mic and Linnell singing into a microphone vocorder thingie which made him sound like.. umm.. :) The best way i can put it I think is the Trinoids or Fred on SimpleTalk on my computer. :) sorry. maybe robotic is another good way to describe it. It was damn hilarious. Later on he used it again during Hal's solo to say "Hal, your shit is on fire!"

The puppet heads were there; of course. So was a little kid who Flans let play the guitar for a bit on The Guitar. Flans had to start Pet Name 3 times ("she gave me a pet name, not to say I was invited... okay STOP, press rewind..." :)) then he finally said "Fuck this, I have emotional problems."

More People Vs. Apes. I believe the People won. Before NOKMP, Flans tried to get us to conga. I was in the front row and did NOT want to lose my place, so I didn't conga. It was kinda weird.. Flansburgh in your face chanting "Everybody conga / I'm not fucking kidding.."It seeemed like everyone behind the second row was conga-ing though.

At the end of Shoehorn, they did a fast forward version which was very good and very funny. And very accurate.

One encore of many was just the Johns doing Sapphire Bullets, yay!

"We just did an appearance on the Sally Jesse show, the episode was: 'My Bass Player is Too Sexy."

"My prescription drugs are too sexy. Today's episode... BITCH!"

The new album they *say* will be out in August. Let's hope. Apparently it will be live with a Dr. Worm studio recording on it. From what I've heard about it, it sounds like a TMBG version of BF5's "Naked Baby Photos".