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Flansburgh yelled at me after this show. A chunk of the crowd, including me, went filing out a side exit, which apparently provided access backstage. I stepped into the stairwell, and John F. was up in my grill yelling "YOU CAN'T COME BACK HERE." I and my partners-in-transit explained that we weren't coming backstage; we were just trying to get home. John F. didn't answer, but he did stay there with arms folded to make sure we turned right toward the exit, and not left into AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY.
A misunderstanding, is all it was. But it still nettles me a bit, because one of the things that makes TMBG special is their down-to-Earthness. Ah well. A terrific show, otherwise. Loved the guest trumpeter's extended solo lead-in to Istanbul, got a kick out of the single-note glockenspiel work in Shoehorn with Teeth, enjoyed the Johns' deployment of The Stick (is that what they called it?) in Lie Still, Little Bottle.