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Songs that include the use of onomatopoeia, lyrically or musically.



  • Ana Ng - On the line "And it sticks like a broken record / Everything sticks like a broken record", the chord progression irregularly repeats itself, as if the record is indeed broken
  • Erase - Words are "erased" from lines as the song progresses.
  • Four Track Mind - Features four layered tracks of recorded music
  • I Can Help The Next In Line - The narrator repeats the title many times, as if he were actually helping sequential people in line.
  • Infinity - After the line "figure of eight goes around", the word "around" and its accompanying music repeat itself irregularly many times.
  • Iowa - After the line "And if that broom don't fly / I'm gonna buy you / a Dustbuster", a Dustbuster can be heard.
  • Letter Shapes - Even without the video, one can imagine the letters being drawn in the air with the various bursts of musical notes and sound effects.
  • Mrs. Train - The song gets progressively faster, like a train gathering up steam.
  • Nanobots - Flansburgh's altered, monotone background vocals sound as if they could have been performed by the titular miniature automatons.
  • Nonagon - Little sound effects after the name of each shape identify how many sides that shape has.
  • Older - The song is set at 60 BPM, meaning for every beat, the listener is one second older. Additionally, "Time is marching on" is set to a march-like tempo.
  • Rolling O - Linnell's "Mr. Lips" bebops along to rolling, rollicking music.
  • Solid Liquid Gas - Each state of matter is given an appropriate musical tempo: solid is slow and dirge-like; liquid is mid-tempo; and gas is a breakneck pace.
  • They'll Need A Crane - During the final repetitions of the song's title, the guitar notes sound similar to the sirens used in construction vehicles.
  • Wake Up Call - Flansburgh's low scatting.

Honorable mention[edit]

  • To A Forest - Our consciousness has been fails to rhyme with the rest of the lines in the verse, with the word "erased" completing the line. It's almost as if the word "erased" had been erased from the sentence.

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