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I also have a soft spot for Back To Skull--"Mrs. Train" is among my favorite TMBG songs.
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Hi, I'm Ed. I've been a big TMBG fan since the early 2000s, though I suspect I had tendencies to like them even as a young kid. Like so many others, I remember the Tiny Toons videos, but I honestly don't think I can claim solid fandom until signing up for the old Yahoo! music service called LAUNCHcast. Curiously, one of the first TMBG songs it played was "They Might Be Giants," and I remember thinking something like, "How cool must these guys be to name a song after themselves?" It didn't take long for me to realize that I "got" TMBG, and it's been gold from there.

I bought Flood and then Mink Car soon after that, as it was the most recent accessible release at the time. And the rest, as they say, is history. It also bears mentioning that I watched Clarissa Explains It All back in the day, and she had posters of the Johns and of Flood that I didn't notice or know about...until someone posted them on the tumblr. SO SUBLIMINAL!!!

In February 2015, I gave a presentation on TMBG as part of Nerd Nite Orlando. It got a very nice reception! You can see photo highlights and all of my PowerPoint slides here. The band has also acknowledged my talk on their tumblr page.

Since I'm a Florida fan, TMBG don't come around all that often. I've made it to three shows:

Among these three shows, there were only 7 songs in common to all three (the big ones you'd expect). Some others were repeated but overall that means I've heard 69 unique songs! That is so cool.

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I have my own tumblr as "MisterMe83", which is the name I wish I had chosen when I started on this wiki. I don't post all that much but you can check it out here. Quite a few of my submissions to TMBG's tumblr page have been accepted by the moderator, even before I started my own tumblr. You can see all the things I sent in here. I'm particularly proud of my Ode to Dial-A-Song 2015.

If you feel like it, check out the following pages:

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