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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Jason DeLima:

So the venue is within walking distance of the Port Washington train station, so I took the train there. I started walking the wrong way, and my phone's GPS didn't want to cooperate with me, so after about a good half hour of wandering the suburbs, I went the other way. And to my surprise, I saw Dan Miller walking on the street! I was super nervous when meeting him, consider he's my hero and all, but I did get a picture with him! I nearly screamed like a little girl after he walked away.
Speaking of spotting band members, I saw Iggy riding a scooter type thing up Main Street. And I saw Marty Beller walking around outside the venue! I would've asked him for a picture too (to add onto my collection), but he was with his family, didn't wanna bother them. He did reply to my wave saying, "Hey! How's it going?", so that was definitely good enough.
For what seemed like forever, Flansy didn't ask us to stand up until Clap Your Hands, in which I ran as fast as I could to get between Marty and Linnell, stage right-ish. I took many great pictures, and amused the people standing next to me by repeatadly telling John Linnell that I loved him and wanted to marry him. I also touched Flansy's guitar for a split second, and Danny enjoyed my picture taking, as far I could tell.
Setlistwise, everything was a pleasant surprise, considering I didn't listen to TMBG all that much this past summer. I thorougly enjoyed hearing Dead, Canajoharie, New York City, Nonagon, The Guitar, Ana Ng, and Where Your Eyes Don't Go.
After the show, all the setlists magically disappeared, and there were huge mountains of confetti everywhere. I stuck around for a little bit, but I didn't get to meet any band members. I saw Marty and Danny, but they were both busy with family things, I was guessing. But it's okay, meeting the one and only Dan Miller made up for EVERYTHING.
I took a LOT of pictures from the show, I'll open up a Flickr account just to share them with the Wiki.
If you saw me at the show, please say hi! I had a red dress shirt and a bowtie on, and I had black/redish hair and glasses.


I had a great time at my first TMBG show in 20 years. (Hey! I was busy!) Happy to have heard She's An Angel, a fave of mine, and Cowtown, a fave of the Mrs.
Stan Harrison's sax solos on Istanbul were absolutely far-out amazing.
A good recap of banter by Lemita. Allow me to elaborate:
  • Flans said it was great to perform in Port Washington, "and not just because it's so close to where we actually live."
  • Linnell's high school auditorium flashbacks were probably due to the fact that the theater is in fact a former school auditorium.
  • Flans' talking about his new shirt came after his mention of Port Washington having numerous shopping opportunities - he talked of how it seems were in one big shopping mall, although it wasn't clear to me whether he meant Port Washington, the NY metro area, or the country. (To be sure, the streets leading to the venue are indeed lined with many retail shops.) He just bought the new shirt at The Gap (not exactly in town but in a nearby upscale mall) and was feeling the kinship with the one or more people in the audience who must have bought the same shirt in the same store.
  • The Avatar of Flans was specifically trying to be provocative by saying they would do their second song in the nude. The effect of the puppet undressing was far more impressive in person that it would seem here in cold hard type.
Maybe I'll add more when I remember...