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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Phantom AL:

This show, my first, was awesome. I would've put the setlist up if i..remembered what all the songs were. First, Oppenheimer came on, and they were amazing. Like the indie rock reincarnation of TMBG in their early years. Just one guy on the drums, one on the guitars and keyboards.
Next came TMBG, who opened up with "Damn Good Times", where Flans told anyone could could to come up to the front of the stage for the whole show. Needless to say, I bolted at the chance. The set was really really good; not heavy on any album at all. They just played what they wanted. "The Sun" and "The Cap'm" were amazing. But when they came out with "Birdhouse", the whole crowd exploded, rightfully so. "Phone Calls From The Dead" was funny, bringing out an old favorite, Eleanor Roosevelt, who did a sobbing cover with Linnell of a Van Halen song, and complaining about not having tv and only having YouTube. The rest of the set was awesome. I didn't expect songs like "Meet James Ensor" or "The Guitar" (which I think was the focal point of the show). Anyone who was there, I was the pale kid with the puffy blonde hair jumping up and down in the front with a yellow #1 finger all night.
Overall, the show was awesome and I can't wait to see the boys again.


Definitely a good show, though I think that the band was a little exhausted from the road (or at least Linnell seemed to be). Good energy, but I've seen them much more excited about playing in shows past. Can't blame them, really, after touring for three plus months. It didn't impact the performance, of course, but I felt like the Carolina Theater was a strange venue. The first time I saw TMBG play was at Duke, at the Page Auditorium, but the past four or five times have all been in rock clubs. It's hard to get as into an act when you've got theater seats in between you and the other fans. I'll never forget seeing them at the 9:30 Club in DC, packed in like sardines with other fans, dancing like crazy.
Loved the performance of the new songs, though, and Oppenheimer was fantastic. I think it was actually Eleanor Roosevelt during the Phone Calls From The Dead segment, but that, too, was funny. And, AL, you forgot to mention Dan Miller up on the balcony during Fingertips. Dude is a guitar god.
As always, I'm glad I went!


I agree with Czech- the energy level didn't seem to be quite as high as their usual standard. I don't think the venue or the crowd helped much, though (other than the first few rows, the place was pretty subdued). The Van Halen bit during Phone Calls From The Dead was a reference to this: (ow, my ears!). I was disappointed they didn't do Whistling In The Dark :(.


Ah this was my first but definitely not my last TMBG show.I was front row at the base of Linnell's mic stand,and I waved at him and he waved back,which was amazing. I was there with the the lead singer in my band,and we sang along to every one of the songs,especially New York City and Twisting.I agree with everyone else,"Phone Calls From The Dead" with Eleanor Roosevelt being hilarious.It was more open space wise in the front,except Linnell moved the mic stand a few times causing me to bolt about a foot from the stage so I wouldn't be in his way.The drunk silly people seemed to fuel Flans' fun during the Audience Participation Song Drink!,as well.Even though this was a 14 and up show,I saw many smaller children there with parents.