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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Some guy with an foot:

Fantastic show, but pretty short set. The 3 things in Sun were "Mini Coopers, Heath Bars, and James Bond reruns!". In the middle of the set i found a page next to the stage with the lyrics to "Metal Detector" on it, and i figured it fell off the stage. So I tried to hand it to John Linnell during the show (thats how close I was!!) and he said he was busy, so i got to keep it. I also got a setlist, it says John Lee Supertaster on it, but for some reason they didn't play it. After the show, Dan Miller, Danny Weinkauf, and Marty Beller all came out and talk and signed autographs, while JF/JL dissapeared. In Why Does The Sun Shine? they both sung the song with english accents for whatever reason. Flansy said "9,000,000 Kilometers away!" instead of "93,000,000 miles away!" I thought it was improvised, but it turns out the setlist says "The Sun (english accent!)" so it was planned. All and all, it was a good show.


Other highlights:
  • Flans strapped on a bass drum for "Older."
  • Danny Weinkauf strapped on an acoustic guitar to sing "Where Do They Make Balloons?" Dan Miller played bass.
  • Marty Beller stepped up to the center stage mic to sing "Alphabet Lost And Found," which Flans introduced as "our boy band segment."
  • Dan Miller seemed bemused throughout, though he did join Flans in some high leg kicks during "The Famous Polka."
  • Linnell asked for a do-over of the break in "Bed, Bed, Bed," saying he forgot to do something. The second time around, the graffiti cannon went off.
No songs from The Else were played, not even the highly educational "The Mesopotamians.

Mr. 77:

I was a little disappointed at first because the setlist was so similar to my first show (9-12-06b), but the fact that they played NYC made it all worth it to drive 4 1/2 hours both ways. I got Marty and Danny to sign my stub, too.