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This page is for the song. For the book of the same name, see Bed, Bed, Bed (Book).
From the "No!" enhanced CD

song name Bed Bed Bed
artist They Might Be Giants
releases No!, TMBG Clock Radio, Dial-A-Song
year 2002
first played November 23, 2000 (152 known performances)
run time 3:12
sung by John Linnell


  • Sometimes when this song was played this song live, confetti was fired out of the twin cannons on stage into the audience as Linnell shouted the elongated "go!"
  • On a song-by-song guide of No! for its tenth anniversary, John and John said of this song and bedtimes:
When you get old enough it's fun to stay up late. Then when you're a teenager it's fun to stay up the whole night, and everything you and your friends talk about sounds more and more profound until you finally fall asleep in the bathtub or with your head in a wastebasket. Eventually you reach the age when going to bed at bedtime and falling asleep is one of the most exalted and prized activities imaginable.

Song Themes

Animals, Clothes, Everything, Food, Friendship, I Am, Music, Reading, Recycled Material, Sleep, Sports, Telecommunication, Transportation


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