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Fan Recaps and Comments:


In this very cozy beachside bar venue the drum risers had to be fastened to the front of the minimal stage, stacked on milk crates, to extend the stage enough to fit everyone -- and they still had to all squeeze onto the stage past Linnell's keyboard.
"Welcome to our living room," quipped Flans. "It's so nice to be playing on the 6 train at rush hour. It's an interesting situation we find ourselves in, isn't it? I'd like to remind you to be respectful of the personal space of the stranger standing right up against your body."
He confided in the audience that Marty Beller's 'secret sauce' is adulation, unlike "the rest of the emotionally unavailable members of the band."
During Fingertips, Dan Miller climbed up on a speaker adjacent to the stage, having to duck his head slightly to avoid hitting the ceiling, and rocked out on his guitar to the delight of the audience members around his knees.
The stage was too small to accomodate two accordionists so we did not get to enjoy the Particle Man duet with Corn Mo; instead we got the ever-wonderful 'Elusive Butterfly of Love' version.
Phone Calls From The Dead featured as a called Kevin White, a former Boston mayor, played by the fake horn sample on Linnell's keyboard since the effort of Flans squeezing offstage during the bit would be ridiculously difficult.
"He puts the 'uption' in 'corruption,'" Linnell said of Mr. White.
We had the 'intervention' version of Drink!, where every time Flans sings "Drink!" the audience responds, "No! Wait!" "This is our imaginary rock bottom," Flans told us, "and you are here to save us."
Since Apollo Sunshine were playing at the Beachcomber the day before and after the TMBG show, band member Jessie 'Nighttime' Gallagher was in attendance and I got to catch up with him after the show. He opened for them during The Else warm-up tour.
I really enjoy their concerts at intimate venues hidden in smaller towns, in some ways more than big-city clubs. There's something really relaxed and comfortable about these shows even while the room is packed to bursting.