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Technical problems plagued them and delayed the band until after 11 p.m., so they played through everything quickly in order to do as much of the setlist as possible. They had to skip Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head and No One Knows My Plan but threw in an impromptu Meet James Ensor. Take Out The Trash suffered a false start, which Flans explained by saying he'd had a sort of mind breakdown. Despite their trials the band seemed in a really good mood, particularly John Linnell, and John Flansburgh came out afterward to sign stuff.
The songs they've brought out of mothballs for this tour sound amazing. It's Not My Birthday is a real treat for me. Flans plays his acoustic guitar, staring out alone with Linnell at stage center and hearkening back to the days of just the two of them onstage.
Phone Calls From The Dead featured the fictional character of 'Cork' trash-talking his partner 'Bottle.' John Linnell now refers to their technology as 'necrofiberoptic cable.' Particle Man featured a little playful improv from Flans during the Triangle Man vs. Particle Man verse: "Bottle, Bottle, Bottle hates Cork. Bottle hates Cork. They have a fight."
Linnell conducted the band and audience with great gusto for much of the Spy improv before handing it off to Flans briefly. It was obvious from the smiles of the band what a blast they had that night, and I couldn't help but be impressed.