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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Josh Rosenberg:
Solid show, except for the self-indulgence after Spy. Nothing adventurous on the set list, aside from Subliminal, a nice treat. As usual, Shoehorn was the high point (for me, at least; I love Dan Hickey). The Guitar and NYC were also particularly good. But it didn't feel like a complete night without Till My Head Falls Off...Still great to see them in Philly, for the first time in 14 months.

Review by chimpoo:
This was the strangest TMBG show I have ever seen due to the small size of the crowd. It was just a few rows full of people in a college gym. There was so much space that people were taking their shoes off to conga or sitting indian-style on the floor. I remember the show just suddenly appearing on the list of tour dates a week or so beforehand with no mention or advertisement from the band. Tickets were only $15. Despite the small crowd, TMBG put on a great, though relatively short, show. This was the first show where I heard them do the long version of Boss of Me which they had just expanded into a full song a week or two earlier. It was also the very last show where they used the ventriloquist dummy heads for Exquisite Dead Guy before they were given away in an eMusic contest. I remember that they brought You Were Spiraling on stage to jam during Spy improv. That's about all I can remember of note as I am writing this 13 years after the fact. It may not sound like a very notable show, but it will always be special in my memory due to the intimate atmosphere in the room which was completely unlike seeing them at a regular club full of drunks.