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Okay, to begin with, we drove for around 4 hours to get to Otterbien (North of Columbus), and ended up at this small college with the most bizarre gym ever. There was a giant dome above the part where TMBG were going to play, but not anywhere else. Basketball goals surrounded the stage. There was also NO security, so any type of bootleg would have been easy to make (and if you've got one tell me.) Anyway, the opening act, You Were Spiraling, were decent, but most of the crowd reaction came from the covers they did of old 80's songs.

Here are the highlights of the show: They Got Lost was introduced, "this song is about a fictional band called They Might Be Giants"

Instead of chanting "People!" when the Dans play in Battle for the Planet of the Apes, we were all told to chant "DAN!"

Flans cautiously introduced Working Undercover for the Man, explaining, "The Man" was a slang word for The Establishment. He made sure everyone heard what they already knew.

The CD skip version of Shoehorn seemed to be added on the fly, with a short band discussion leading into it.

Vocoder/Ana Ng was the second best part. During the Vocoder part, Linnell went freestyle, he really seemed to be in a good mood tonight. Here are some quotes from the Vocoder section "$1500 Vocoder" "Expensive but worth it" "Only used once in the show, better get my money's worth"

S-E-X-X-Y just rocked all the way through, better than any version I've ever heard.

She's Actual Size was the highlight of any TMBG show I've seen. During the Drum solo, Flans disappeared behind an amp. When Dan was done, he started looking around for Flans, but he couldn't find him. It then proceeded like this:

"Dan, I'm hiding behind the amp, and I'm not coming out until you play more of that crazy shit on the drums."

(Another drum solo, Dan looks for Flans to sing)

"Dan, I'm hiding behind the amp, and I'm not coming out until you play more of that crazy shit on the drums."

(Dan starts another and is interrupted)

"NO!! Not that crazy shit!!!! The OTHER crazy shit!!!"

(Dan begins another)

"NO!! The OTHER crazy shit!!!"

(Dan hits drums randomly)

"NO!! Dan, just play the hi-hat."

(Dan plays hi-hat)

"Ah, yes. The people love the hi-hat, they can identify with the hi-hat."

(Dan finishes and finally continues the song)

It was all added on the fly, and even the guys on stage were cracking up.

Linnell handled the Spy Improv, singing along to the bands music with "Trent Lott Stole my hairstyle."

The Stick for Lie Still Little Bottle was, according to Flans, "Cut down from this very campus."

Even though its not on a printed setlist, they added in Mammal after a short discussion.

Linnell singing The Sign during Particle Man was hilarious.

Birdhouse was introduced with, "We have a friend. Yes, its hard to believe that we all have this friend, yes, TMBG, has a friend."

During the Bass solo in the Guitar, They made us stop clapping the beat with Dan, and he played it with no accompaniment at all. The Conga line lasted through 2 songs.

Afterwards, we waited half by the bus to get a glimpse of Them, but only Dan and John L. came out, carrying a pizza and L. said "Thanks for coming out guys, but we've got to deliver this." And left. Flans never showed up. All in all, the concert was incredible, and I snagged half a setlist, and Dan Miller's autograph. Also, Exquisite Dead Guy was on the Encore list, and they had the heads where you could see them, right in back of the stage, but they didn't play it. oh well.