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Unsupervised album cover
Studio album by Mono Puff
First released June 11, 1996
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Tracks 13
Label Rykodisc <RCD 10360> Length 33:32 Next album It's Fun To Steal

Unsupervised was the first full album released by John Flansburgh's Mono Puff. More traditionally alternative-rock-based than its disco counterpart, It's Fun To Steal, Unsupervised features the core line-up of Flansburgh, Mike Viola, Steve Calhoon, and Hal Cragin, with only a few guest artists sprinkled throughout the album.

Keeping the album's summer release date in mind, the single for Unsupervised was "The Devil Went Down To Newport", for which a music video was produced. The track was released as a 7" single and as a CD extended play with two non-LP tracks and a different take on the song.


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Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Guitar Was The Case 2:38


2 Unsupervised, I Hit My Head 2:56


3 Don't Break The Heart 3:17


4 Distant Antenna 2:14


5 The Devil Went Down To Newport 3:46


6 What Bothers The Spaceman? 2:49


7 Hello Hello 3:14


8 Dr. Kildare 2:04


9 So Long, Mockingbird 2:25


10 Careless Santa 2:19


11 Don't I Have The Right? 2:54


12 To Serve Mankind 1:50


13 Nixon's The One 1:06




  • The first 100 copies included an autographed and numbered lyric sheet that contained the drawings by Tony Millionaire.[1]