Don't I Have The Right?

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Tony Millionaire's artwork for the song

song name Don't I Have the Right?
artist Mono Puff
releases Unsupervised, TMBG Clock Radio
year 1996
run time 2:54
sung by Nancy Lynn Howell


  • The performance art group Watchface piece "More Songs of Desire and Despair", which was performed from April to May 1987, featured songs written by Joshua Fried, Flansburgh, and Linnell among others for Watchface member Iris Rose to sing. Flansburgh contributed this song (the Flansburgh-sung demo for which can be found here), and Linnell contributed a song called "Plain As The Lie On Your Lips".
  • John Flansburgh, from
I wrote this song a couple of years ago for performance artist Iris Rose's Torch Song show at La Mama. It is a radical departure, even for this record, but Nancy Lynn Howell's beautiful vocal brings the song to life.
  • Nancy Lynn Howell, who provides lead vocals on this track, is married to Mark Lerner. In 1989, Mark and Nancy's first date was at a Maudlins show at John Linnell's apartment The Quiet Life in Brooklyn, for which he opened, performing early renditions of some of his State Songs.[1]
  • San Francisco-based singer Connie Champagne recorded a cover of this song for her 1991 Heyday Records album La Strada. The liner notes attribute the song to They Might Be Giants with a 1991 copyright, with Connie's description: "John F. tells me this is a torch song."
  • Though the versions mentioned above are all downtempo ballads, Flansburgh also once recorded a fast-paced upbeat version for Dial-A-Song.

Song Themes

Coffee, Forgetting, Remembering, Food, Games, I Am, Love Gone Sour, Money, Non-John Vocals, Rhymes, Questions, Time


  • Watch it on Youtube.png - Iris Rose performing the song in May 1987

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