I Need Some Lovin'

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song name I Need Some Lovin'
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Unreleased, Dial-A-Song, Power Of Dial-A-Song, Free When You Call From Work
year ? · Know it? Add it!
run time 1:12
sung by Jennifer Neff; John Flansburgh is heard saying "Pow!"


  • The Johns claimed that the vocals for this song were taken from a song by Jem And The Holograms directly off a cassette tape that came with the toys, on top of which they laid their own beat. However, this story was generally dismissed considering the song's sexually suggestive lyrics. In 2014, John Flansbugh revealed that the female vocalist was Jennifer Neff [1], who also did the vocals for Live Like Pigs and Doris Cunningham from The Frank O'Toole Show.
  • The bridge of this song is very similar to the bridge of "Lie Still, Little Bottle".

Song Themes

Animals, Colors, Hair, Mind Control, Hypnotism, Non-John Vocals, Puns, Reading, Recycled Material, Sea, Sex, Spines, Telecommunication


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