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Songs mentioning or about age and the stages of aging.

Central theme[edit]

Briefly mentioned[edit]

  • Ana Ng "Ana Ng and I are getting old"
  • Birdhouse In Your Soul (Demo) - "I don't feel thirty!" and "I don't feel three hundred!"
  • The Bloodboat - "A voyage these young sailors will always remember"
  • Cabbagetown - "I talked to my old granddad as he fell into the sea"
  • Climbing The Walls - "I was wasting my youth / And using up my teeth"
  • D & W - "D's getting on in years so he moves a little bit slower now"
  • Dan Vs. Cog - "And you're getting old" (to those who prefer humans' touch to the machines)
  • Dead - "I didn't apologize for when I was eight and I made my younger brother have to be my personal slave"
  • Haunted Floating Eye - "I was born in a crypt a hundred years ago"
  • Hovering Sombrero - "And it makes the pages of the calendar go flying out the window, one by one / Till 100 years are on the front lawn"
  • I Left My Body - "...with the old landlady"
  • I Like Fun - "My excellence at parkour might be unexpected at the age of 58"
  • I Palindrome I - "See the spring of the grandfather clock unwinding / See the hands of my offspring making windmills: Dad palindrome Dad"
  • I Palindrome I (Dial-A-Song) - "Man, when I was a young man--not like I'm driving a rocking chair now, but man--when I was a young man, I was free"
  • Impossibly New - "The corner phone booth in its youth"
  • John Lee Supertaster - "When I was 39 years old, I heard a story..."
  • Lesson 16 - "Brech sigang khalabv shnit" ("you're not old enough to understand")
  • Lucky Ball & Chain - "But I was young and foolish then / I feel old and foolish now"
  • Nevada - "When I was young, I met a man"
  • New Hampshire - "Broken-hearted old man of New Hampshire"
  • One Dozen Monkeys - "I'm eleven years old..."
  • One More Parade - "So young, so strong;" "A few years ago their guns were only toys"
  • Or So I Have Read - "If you count the stripes / You can determine their age"
  • Renew My Subscription - "While I'd been aging, you wrote it all down"
  • Reprehensible - "The voice recites the secret history of my immortal soul;" "10,000 years of unerasable acts"
  • She Thinks She's Edith Head - "We both grew up, but ..." and "The accent in her speech she didn't have growing up"
  • Something You'd Like To See - "They say I'm too young to be in a show"
  • Tree - "Get your eight-year-old out of a tree"
  • The Vowel Family - "Ask someone older to show you, there's a vowel in each word"
  • Youth Culture Killed My Dog

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