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Hollywood 45.JPG This user's favorite Venue Song is Hollywood.

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Upper St. Clair, PA.

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This user is 15 years old.

Twoface.jpg This user doesn't know which John they prefer.

Beller 45.jpg This user's favorite band member is Marty Beller.

The Else CD.png This user's favorite album is The Else.
DLS.png This user's favorite EP is Don't Let's Start .

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FAN This user became a TMBG fan in 2009.

FAV This user's favorite TMBG song is Man, It's So Loud In Here.

FAV This user's favorite TMBG song that doesn't have a good quality version of itself is What Is Everyone Staring At?.

FAV This user's favorite TMBG rarity is I Am A Ring.

FAV This user's 2nd favorite TMBG rarity is A Stranger's Eye.

VID This user's favorite TMBG video is All The Lazy Boyfriends.

LYR This user's favorite TMBG lyric is: Do you think that I think I'm somehow better than you

LYR This user's favorite TMBG lyric is: And she's telling the joke from Alphaville again

LYR This user's favorite TMBG lyric is: You can't get anywhere staring at the one you love

LYR This user's favorite TMBG lyric is: Tolerate some bullethead and the bullshit that he's saying


I plan to rank EVERY SINGLE TMBG SONG EVER. YES. (Seperated alphabetically)

Social media[edit]

Instagram- YouAmpersandMe

Snapchat- Therewillbesad

New Rankings Coming Soon Of...[edit]

50 Current Favorite Songs

To be eligible for ranking, you must have 7 or more songs on my main playlist.

Eligible artists[edit]

  • Lemon Demon (Thank you, fork, for the idea!)
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • Barenaked Ladies
  • R.E.M.
  • 2003 Toyota Corolla (technically counts)
  • ABBA
  • Bo Burnham
  • girl in red
  • Green Day
  • Imagination Movers (fun nostalgia trip)
  • Jack Stauber & Side Projects
  • Tally Hall & Side Projects
  • Neon Trees
  • The Orion Experience
  • Penelope Scott
  • Toby Fox

Probably eligible later as they are at 5 or 6 and still have more discography to cover[edit]

  • Beach Bunny
  • The Beatles
  • Dayglow
  • Fitz And The Tantrums
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Queen
  • Radiohead
  • Supergrass

I am also the guy that made the Eyes page. And the Seasons page.


As collections are currently broken, here is a list of every TMBG album I own


On their way through either the TMBG store or Amazon[edit]

Ripped off of a computer and sent to me[edit]


Converted to MP3s through YouTube[edit]

Wish list[edit]

I will be attending the Mr. Small's show on September 23, 2022, so if any of you are attending, look for a 5 foot 7 dipstick wearing a burgundy TMBG shirt and pants that don't match with it. I will also probably be wearing a beanie :3