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Imallyoucanthinkof is a real groovy guy. Just a fan who likes stuff and things.

27 TMBG Songs that Imallyoucanthinkof believes aren't nearly as beloved as they should be[edit]

(in order of ranking on the wiki)[edit]

[also known as Unpopular Opinion Hour with Imallyoucanthinkof][edit]

{plus 17 honourable mentions!}

Here's something nobody asked for: a random wiki user's opinion on TMBG songs that people don't like as much as I do. Why, you may ask? Because I don't know what else I'm supposed to put on this page and I feel like this is an appropriate use of space, given my personality and tendency to spout random thoughts. Don't you think that they should put BOOK on minidisc? Cause I do. Anyways, The purpose of this list is not to say that the other TMBG songs aren't as good as these ones because they are! I just think that sometimes, certain songs go under the radar and get forgotten after the first listen, and this is a collection of certain songs on the more forgettable side that I think are good. And so, from the outlandish to the agreeable, here's my list:

  1. I Should Be Allowed To Think (46)
  2. I'm All That You Can Think Of (144)
  3. To A Forest (270)
  4. Drinkin' (381)
  5. Circular Karate Chop (401)
  6. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love (419)
  7. Yeh Yeh (478)
  8. I Can't Hide From My Mind (493)
  9. Feign Amnesia (505)
  10. D Is For Drums (517)
  11. Hall Of Heads (539)
  12. Tick Tick Tick (562)
  13. Employee Of The Month (572)
  14. Bastard Wants To Hit Me (610)
  15. (She Thinks She's) Edith Head (619)
  16. John Lee Supertaster (625)
  17. Your Mom's Alright (640)
  18. Let Your Hair Hang Down (669)
  19. College Town (683)
  20. XTC Vs. Adam Ant (692)
  21. Chess Piece Face (717)
  22. Robot Parade (Adult Version) (723)
  23. Lake Monsters (738)
  24. Christmas In The Big House (829)
  25. Rolling O (838)
  26. The World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix) (839)
  27. Drown The Clown (Unranked)

Honorable Mentions[edit]

 1. Oranges Testimonial (529)
 2. Tick (673)
 3. Photosynthesis (708)
 4. Hive Mind (735)
 5. Destroy The Past (762)
 6. Nouns (767)
 7. S-E-X-X-Y (768 - seriously? I didn't think it was that bad...)
 8. My Other Phone Is A Boom Car (769)
 9. Hot Cha (775)
 10. Decision Makers (779)
 11. Wake Up Call (804)
 12-14. Radio They Might Be Giants 1 (Unranked), 2 (881), and 3 (738 - averages out at 809)
 15. There (870)
 16. I Just Want To Dance (884)
 17. Here In Higglytown (893)
Bonus Honourable Mention[edit]
 1. Theme To Podcast 36B (Unranked)

here is the link to the Spotify playlist![edit]