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I used to be bad at hearing song lyrics. Those were some days. But the rain comes down and the floods come up. Is it any wonder that Flood is considered TMBG's crowning work by the critics? They learned from Jacques Derrida. The hiding of the message. It is good. Remember, there is a message. There is always a message. Remember the blindness that comes from tears, the blurriness of rain on glasses, the perception that that affords, and remember that Augustine and Abraham were the predecessors. And that after they mourn they are comforted, and the rain, it cleanses the glasses.

Bob Dorough understands something. Stevie Wonder too. Three is a magic number and so is two. And one in fact. Yes. One. In fact.

23 and 32.


Who came up with They Day? Why did he pick October?

Who can make sense of the encyclopedia?

How do we judge the truth from the Wiki?

Is the Holocaust merely a cultural anomaly?

Can we prove Hitler wrong beyond a reasonable doubt?

Melody, fidelity, quantity?

John and John?

What would a happen if Chords met up with Words Met up with Melody?

What would happen if JS Bach met TS Eliot?

Would it add up to TMBG?

User:Flux, User:Flux, User:Flux... I didn't pay enough attention to you. You were on to something, indeed.


Here are some TMBG songs I like: Absolutely Bill's Mood - Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes - Mammal - Cowtown - O, Do Not Forsake Me - Subliminal - Drink - Hide Away Folk Family (I'm convinced the lyric really goes "the sad little cross-eyed bears" and not "Sadly, the Cross-eyed Bear") - Am I Awake? - Mr. Me - Whistling In The Dark - Piece Of Dirt - Museum of Idiots - I'm All You Can Think About - No Answer - Dinner Bell - Sensurround - My Man - Hopeless Bleak Despair - Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order? - The Vowel Family - Self Called Nowhere

"Sadly, the cross-eyed bear" is a play on the phrase "gladly the cross I'd bear." It does sound like little, but I think it's intended to be a more direct transliteration of the church-goers mantra. --Ed

Like I know the official lyrics are "Sadly, the cross-eyed bear", but I hear the word "the" quite distinctly before "sadly" and bear is most definitely plural. I guess it was probably a mistake where They went from one version to the other without reconciling the lyrics. Do people know the concert version? --HearingAid

Hahahha. I get it now. Tension. The written and the spoken. Which is which? Tension. That's where people live these days. --HearingAid