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Here's my old page:


I've posted under a couple different non-nicked IP's. The first I can find is this:

I've been working on a project lately, whereby I hope to make a large database of live, DAS, or otherwise rare TMBG songs available via BitTorrent. It would involve using an FTP on a residential cable connection, which would in turn seed a torrent which would be easily accessible via a website. It would be self updating, most likely by using Cron to generate a torrent every hour or so, using Ctorrent. It would use MD5 hashing to check for duplicates, and if I was to get really fancy, it would allow changes to the ID3 tags to be submitted for approval by the userbase and then automatically changed. If you're at all interested in helping or what have you, please contact me. My AIM name is Camjturner.

Also, if you have Stumpbox, I will murder you to get it, alright. I promise to transcribe the whole thing too, if I get it, so long as I can understand what They're saying.

Is there a way to index all of your contributions made from UseModWiki under the new engine, or is that data gone now?

12-sep-2004: Hi Ed. It's visible in the history page. However, it's not available to the new contributions listings. Thanks. -SR

Alright, thanks.

If any of you wikians want a Gmail account, I have invites "out the wazoo," as it were, and I'd be happy to give them away to another fan.

10/15/04 - Are you still working on the project that is described above? I am very interested in it. Shoot me an email if you have the time. - Y2J2K

Ed- Did you ever get the Stumpboxes? If you did, maybe you'd be willing to give me a copy? You understand the frustration of not owning it and no one willing to share it with you. I am also searching for the PODASs. Do you have those? I don't think I have really anything to offer that you wouldn't already have, but I'm willing to help you out in whatever way possible. -User:BlarJotunn

Nope! Mr. Nuclear told me he found them as I recall, though. Do you mean the PODAS collection, or just the set of jingles They did? I have most of both in any case, though it is by no means a cohesive collection; it's spread out hectically across my hard drive.