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Hi. I'm Checkers Piece Face, AKA Clockstomper AKA Banana AKA KamikazeWatermelon.

I discovered TMBG when I heard them on the radio on a Studio 360 Segment. I've was hooked. I bought everything in the store, and it was worth it.

I have a TMBG message board at Please join. I'm also working on a TMBG web-site.

1. Apollo 18
2. Lincoln
3. Flood
4. They Might Be Giants
5. John Henry
6. The Spine
7. No!
8. Mink Car
9. Long Tall Weekend
10. Factory Showroom

I refuse to have a favorite song list. That would be way to hard.

Other bands I like: The Flaming Lips, "Weird Al" Yankvoic, Frank Zappa, Anything on the Dr. Demento albums, R.E.M, Green Day, Ween, Modest Mouse, Wilco, Goldfinger, and most jazz.

Song of the day:

August 9, 2004: My Evil Twin - One of the better songs on Apollo 18. Great use of the harpsicord and has very good lyrics. One of the best John Flansburgh songs. 4/5

August 11, 2004: Everything Right Is Wrong Again - I've noticed that this song is often ignored. Why? I think this song is one of the greatest openers ever recorded. It's interesting to hear how Linnell's vocal style changes in the song. The lyrics are also very funny. 5/5.

September 4, 2004: Your Own Worst Enemy - Has risen up to becoming one of my favorite TMBG songs. Everything about it is perfect. Really brings me back tot eh glory days of Lincoln. 5/5


Hey, i deleted your "ClockStomper" page, since you created a new userid...Just wanted to let you know. -- Duke33

Thanks, Duke. :)