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Melody! The Definition of Good.[edit]

This is lovely. Musically the two understated lead guitar riffs buzz like bees and make the song. The sax and engaging lyrics, work for both child and adult (only Linnell could get in a Captain Beefheart reference on a kids album). The list style lyric, can be traced back to I'm a Grocery Bag and more recently Money for Dope (if there are earlier examples - remind me!) but there is a conversational aspect to it, which is a new variation. There may be a USA reference of someone who has a definition of good that I'm missing but this one of Linnell's better efforts of recent times. Of his recent songs, I much prefer it when his songs are arranged with the full band in mind and he's playing sax or accordion. I've been less keen with the songs he's building around effects on his synthesisers and the band are either largely absent or just putting Giant metronome chops on as an afterthought. These songs can of course be very effective, but nothing of the stuff from the Glean and new kids sessions in that style have grabbed me. Definition of Good however lives up to it's title. Added to original review: This song is now officially my young daughter's favourite Giants song. She spins around and around to it. It's quite disconcerting. I'd of thought a 20 month year old girl would prefer something a bit more upbeat. Apparently not! (Mr Tuck)

While I actually dig Linnell's more experimental work in the last couple of months, I can definitely revel in this song. Charming imagery that kids will no doubt be able to relate to. Another example of a "list" song is "You Don't Like Me" which I didn't enjoy much but has a similar idea to this. As for a "USA reference" I'm not sure what you mean. I think there's a general hyperbolic expression, i.e., "Wow, that fastidious person is the definition of cleanliness!" or "That dull movie was the definition of boredom!" But I don't know if it's exclusive to America. And can I just second the cheer for the mention of Beefheart?! Wow!! Fast and bulbous! --MisterMe (talk) 16:34, 8 September 2015 (EDT)
I forgot about "I Am A Grocery Bag". Are there enough list songs for it to be its own category? (This song is so cute and happy. I'm gonna cry. Why? is gonna rock.) - Invisiblehippo97 (talk) 16:56, 8 September 2015 (EDT)
More list songs: Mr. Hughes Says, Words Are Like. I guess Fillmore, also Leeds wherein the singer seems to be listing all the things he sees on the stage. Also arguably Dinner Bell, King Weed, Mammal, Why Does The Sun Shine, or C Is For Conifers, which run through an index of list items but I wouldn't necessarily say any are list songs. House Of Mayors takes roll call, and Violin presents a series of words, but are they lists as such? I don't know where you'd want to draw the line, and giving brief-mention credits to any song with a string of nouns somewhere in it is... well if someone finds it significant who am I to argue. But the looser your interpretation of a list song, the more songs might qualify, like Underwater Woman whose lyrics are largely a list of unconnected things the subject could be or might do, but would you want that kind of song to count? Then again, with a song like Bed Bed Bed, you might. ~ magbatz 16:51, 9 September 2015 (EDT)
some of these may also apply ~ april 01:54, 10 September 2015 (EDT)

Hi Mister Me! Yep. Agree with you 100% on You don't like me. My USA comment was that I thought it might be a reference that us Brits don't get. It took me years to understand the Kurtis Blow reference (though that must have obscure to most Americans!) Likewise, I'd never heard the term Bangs for hair before. I thought Definition of Good might be US idiom in the way Tickety Boo is here (for affected characters such as myself!) Flans and Dan deserve credit for the guitar parts. (Mr Tuck)

Can I just add that although I'm generally not a big fan of the kids' songs I actually really like this one and don't think that I've ever heard a song whose melody is built around the interval of a seventh before - and it works! Oh and the bowed acoustic bass - nice one, Danny! DrRaygun

Beefheart Reference[edit]

My husband tells me the line "Two flamingos engaging in a fruit fight" is a reference to the Captain's song 'Tropical Hot Dog Night': "Like two flamingoes in a fruit fight".


I love this song! For the most part I am very much not a fan of the Disney material, but I'm feeling a lot better about Why? based on the stuff we have so far. The music is extremely catchy, and all the things it mentions sound so fun! I want to do them! Also, I'm really curious what jokes clams have. --Self Called Nowhere (talk) 21:15, 8 September 2015 (EDT)

Clams don't like sharing their jokes--they're rather shellfish. --MisterMe (talk) 21:37, 8 September 2015 (EDT)


This track really gives me hope for Why?. Up until now, the kids tracks have been decent, but nothing special (with the exception of Thinking Machine, which really grew on me), but this one is fantastic. The instrumentation alone is enough to call me back multiple times, but combined with surreal lyrics relating to childhood memories, and downright cryptic lines (clam jokes?), this provides a whole lot for me. Love it. -Sureliant