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Hi guys! My name is Derrick. I'm the guy who makes a lot of useful edits, mostly with help from the random page button. I first discovered TMBG in elementary school. The first song by them I ever heard was "Alphabet of Nations". Then I looked them up and discovered Ana Ng. I thought that Ana Ng was their most famous song instead of Birdhouse in Your Soul because I hadn't heard of Birdhouse yet. Then I discovered Birdhouse while watching a YouTube video of some guy's top 10 favorite TMBG songs. Then I sang Birdhouse in my elementary school talent show. When I turned 15 I think, I got Gigantic for my birthday. On my birthday in 2007, They Might Be Giants performed "The Mesopotamians" on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, promoting The Else. This I got from the "This Day in TMBG History" thing, but it gives me an idea for a userbox: On my birthday, blah blah blah happened. I think I'm allowed to do this: check out my Bandcamp at (My next real album is planned to have a cover of Our Cannibal Friends with a new verse!) Thanks to the peoples for helping me fix my contributions.

On August 17, 2017, I went to Gen Con 50 in Indianapolis and I finally saw my favorite band live! And I met another dude from the wiki for the first time, Scarlet Swordfish.

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