TMBG Shows At Mr. Small's Theatre

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2004-07-25Mr. Small's TheatreMillvale, PAAttendance (4) 4 wikians attended: Arben FrankEinstein Poutinstereo Yoi55
2006-05-10Mr. Small's TheatreMillvale, PAAttendance (8) 8 wikians attended: Aaronjacobwillman Alexx Arben BigEdgarP FrankEinstein Poutinstereo Sirubberduckie Thehennnry
2007-05-09Mr. Small's TheatreMillvale, PAAttendance (15) 15 wikians attended: Aliste Almightyjimbob BobpalindromeBob FrankEinstein Gistheman22 Kassi Kman510 LitMatch Poutinstereo Thehennnry TheLazenby TheyCallMeDoctorWorm TimMierz Toast451 Twentyagon
2007-11-15Mr. Small's TheatreMillvale, PAAttendance (9) 9 wikians attended: Altermanncam Kassi King of rock OptToMiss Pandaman Poutinstereo Thehennnry TheLazenby Toast451
2009-10-16Mr. Small's Theatre
(Featuring full performance of Flood)
Millvale, PAAttendance (15) 15 wikians attended: Adresa Aquatopia BlueCanary FrankEinstein Garybot Gistheman22 HeyErikLeafinson Jenzahara Kman510 LitMatch Pandaman Poutinstereo RLJohYouDid Rulerofmars Squirrelgirl
2013-03-20Mr. Small's TheatreMillvale, PAAttendance (6) 6 wikians attended: Aquatopia BlueCanary BobpalindromeBob Kman510 Mkpiano TDK
2015-04-16Mr. Small's TheatreMillvale, PAAttendance (12) 12 wikians attended: Altermanncam Aquatopia BlueCanary BobpalindromeBob CantKeepJennaDown Dain42 Johnreale King of rock Kman510 Pittsburghmuggle Tommyd1030 Whovianwizard1125
2018-04-15Mr. Small's TheatreMillvale, PAAttendance (9) 9 wikians attended: Altermanncam Alucas526 Aquatopia BlueCanary BobpalindromeBob Dr-exmedic Entropy Indie Cysion Theorchidpool
2022-09-23Mr. Small's Theatre
(Featuring all of Flood)
Millvale, PAAttendance (10) 10 wikians attended: Adresa Aquatopia Dr-exmedic Entropy GuyfromPA Itscharleyb Selfcallednowhere Squirrelgirl Theorchidpool You&Me!!
2022-09-24Mr. Small's Theatre
(Featuring all of Flood & songs from Mink Car)
Millvale, PAAttendance (6) 6 wikians attended: Adresa CoasterFanatic Entropy FeatherMaze Selfcallednowhere Squirrelgirl

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