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Fan Recaps and Comments:

A very fun show, and the first I've been to. Some highlights:

  • Oppenheimer was very fun, mixing some nice stage banter with cool music.
  • Flansburgh admitted that the Giants weren't slowing down, they were just "old".
  • During Older, they had a long break between one line, and as one guy thought he'd be funny and yell out the end of the song, "AND NOW YOU'RE EVEN OLD-" he got cut off by the Confetti Canon! Ha!
  • Flansy brought out the bass drum for Whistling In The Dark, and talked about how over the years it has ruined his back. Linnell quoted on the matter with a great british accent, "You've spoiled a perfectly good officer!"
  • After Flansburgh sang "E eats everything (like children)", They decided that the song was dedicated to the "Goddamn children," among other expletives. Linnell said that "Everyone has a child inside them. Kind of like Alien, with it ripping out of your chest." The duo then had an inner-alien-child conversation, introducing the next song.
  • Dan Miller went up to the balcony to do a bit of Miller Time before Istanbul.

We had to leave before the second encore because we were both sick and the smoke was really sticking to the back of our throats, but it was a very good show!


The first thing that stands out in my mind is how incredibly cold it was waiting in line. The poor guy standing next to me didn't even have a jacket, but the temperature was moderatly ok once we got inside. Much better than the sweltering heat of the May show.
  • During Particle Man, Linnell broke out into an extended bit about triangle man fighting David Niven.
  • A group of people in the front row brought their own cow bells with them and made good use of them during Take Out the Trash. They seemed to have surprised Flansy, but Linnell didn't notice as he was engaged in some cow bell bashing of his own.
  • I got some video of the extended Particle Man, as well as their discussion about the bass drum and other stuff here.
It was a great concert, better than the last one at Smalls in my opinion. Can't wait to get the download of the concert off their site.