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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Absolutely KILLER. Best of the four TMBG shows I've seen so far. Admittedly, the setlist was very heavy on The Else material (we heard all but probably three songs from it), but the Johns gave us warning in advance that we were about to get bombarded with new material. :-) The classics were still a-plenty, though, and as always, Mr. Smalls (or "The House That No Oxygen Built", as Linnell said) was unbearably hot, so the Johns and a roadie tossed water bottles out into the audience. The definite highlight was "Damn Good Times", during which Dan snuck up to the balcony for a surprise guitar solo high above the crowd. I also loved hearing "Spy" for the first time live, with both Johns conducting both the band and the audience. God, PLEASE let TMBG release a recording of this show. I'd kill to get my hands on it!!


Select highlights from the show:
- Flansburgh informed a sweaty, stoned, shirtless, dancing guy that the whole show was an elaborate intervention for him. "You've hit rock bottom."
- After forgetting the lyrics to James K. Polk, Linnell apologized and assured us he would "sing the fuck out of the 3rd verse".
- Contrecoup was played on the electric guitar, as the acoustic was left in Brooklyn. Flansburgh announced the band's new gimmick: "Leaving shit behind."
- Flansburgh's statement on Dan Miller's guitar playing: "His boat is made of show."


Aw, really? I thought Flans's 'intervention' comment was in response to my shout about Sanjaya (after Flans mentioned American Idol)... :-( Incidentally though, Linnell didn't forget the words to James K. Polk - he did that on purpose in order to tell us a story about when he first made that mistake at a show (saying "Mama Cass" instead of "Lewis Cass").


Actually, I'm pretty sure he did screw up, and it was because of the "Mama Cass" screw-up. When singing the first verse of the song, he sang "Lewis Cass" instead of "James Buchanan". Then, during the breakdown before the 3rd verse, he explained that he was self-concious after saying "Mama Cass" at a previous show. So, because he was concentrating so hard on remembering to sing the Lewis Cass line correctly, he sang his name a line too soon, in place of James Buchanan's.