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Fan Recaps and Comments:

I just stumbled back into town after a wonderful weekend of Mono Puff-induced wonder... Went to go see MP (no, not Melrose Place) at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis Saturday night... (I was the tall guy standing in front on the right hand side of the stage wearing the Cat In The Hat hat, for anyone else who was there and might be interested). It was a wonderful show, aside from the opening act, Generica, who couldn't decide whether they wanted to be SKA, rock, metal, thrash, or NIN, and seemed to show it all in one song... Thankfully they only played for about 40 minutes, (during which time we noticed Flans & Co. sneaking in the back door)... MP came on about 10:15ish, and here was the set: (Managed to snag a copy of the set list from one of the stage crew.)

Nixon -> Guitar> Nixon's The One, leading into Guitar was the Case... Guitar was the case, live, is one of the best things I've ever seen.

Spaceman> What Bothers the Spaceman - was OK... It's not one of my favorite MP songs, and the mixing was a little off, so it left me a little cold, but...

Hillbilly> Hillbilly Drummer Girl - sheer musical perfection. This song is nothing short of great...I'm hoping for another MP album just so I can have a copy of this song.

So Long> So Long Mockingbird... Well done.

Distant> Distant Antenna - Musically good, except for the fact that the soundman was apparently asleep at the wheel for the first half of the song, and forgot to turn up the vocals for ?Danny Levine? (the horn player), so we could barely hear the spoken word.  :-<

Don't Break> Don't Break The Heart - Well done.. Not outstanding, but still good.. :->

Odd Ball> Oddball - What can I say.. I love this song.. What better music for a comp. sci. than "math rock" as Flans put it?

Night> Night Security - Cool new song, about wanting to be a night security guard. Flans says it's based on experiences in his younger days working in a booth in a parking lot.

Careless> Careless Santa - Much better live than on the album, in my opinion.

Felt Tip> Felt Tip Pen - Love it...

Dr. Kildare> Dr. Kildare - SKA Rules... What more can I say?

On The Drag> On The Drag - Another new one.. As Flans put it, "You can have country friends, you can have city friends, but you have to move to New York to have shitty friends." Great song all around.

Everything> Hmmm... This is on the set list, but I don't remember hearing it, and can't come up with anything off the album that it could be... *confused look*

Hit My Head> Unsupervised, I Hit My Head - Wonderful. I had the funny urge to show up to a MP concert with a big bandage on my head.

Mankind> To Serve Mankind - Seeing Flans do the vocal duet with the trombone player just made my evening... :->

Bad Liquor> Bad Liquor - Another new one.. Really cool...

Devil> Devil Went Down To Newport - Wow. Pure and simple, WOW.


S-E-X-X-Y> The live version is far, far better than the studio version... Intro'd in KC with: "This goes out to my one true love...the latest."

NYC> I LOVE THIS SONG. "Everyone's your friend in New York City..."