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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Son of Bumpy:

Long overdue, this was the Giants’ first performance in Toronto in seven years (third in 16). It was a great show, enhanced by Curt Ramm's marvelous horn-playing. Lots of singalong from the big turnout.
Famous Polka – Alas, no more dangling of the guitar into the crowd.
Spy – Great opening sequence with Ramm on his muted trumpet, accompanied by Weinkauf on bass. Linnell punctuated the free-form section with a loop of the phrase "Here comes Santa Claus" from the Gene Autry song.
Last Wave video – I hadn’t seen it before. It was hilarious and well-received.
Istanbul – Ramm did an extended intro, alternating between trombone and trumpet.
Why Does The Sun Shine? – The spoken parts were done by Linnell in an exaggerated Nixon voice. He wandered off script, sometimes grasping for words. He apologized for something he did last night but which he has no memory of. (Note: he was in Ottawa.) I learned that the sun is in fact only “93 miles away” and that the heat and light of the sun come from the nuclear reactions of fireworks, explosives, some acronym I didn’t catch, and our local Darlington nuclear plant (which he had passed on the drive from Ottawa).
Flansburgh was resplendent in a day-glo, zip-up sweater that he'd got from Dollar General for $3 to replace the sweater he'd accidentally left behind in Winnipeg. He joked about their first stage crew disappearing once they got into Canada, now that cannabis is legal here.