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Fan Recaps and Comments:

El Zilcho

Early in the set, Flans walked upstage and pretended to call Linnell saying he was "Mom of They Might Be Giants." "Mom" asked for help with her improv class and asked which of three catchphrases was the best. I don't remember the first two, but the last one was, "We all share responsibility for SeaWorld." They riffed on the improv class (led by "Lorne... Green! From Bonanza!") and the History Channel ("The Nazi Channel... I'm sorry, that's not what it's called. It's the Hitler Channel. That's why there's a big H in the corner.") before going back into the set. Later, "Dad" called and told them to play something off of Glean, which Linnell begrudgingly accepted.

The names in Why Does The Sun Shine? were Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, "...Bush!", and Chris Christie. (He chided us earlier for laughing at Chris Christie jokes, because we're in Chicago and don't actually have to deal with him.)

Before 32 Footsteps, Flans said he learned at a recent show that the harmonica is not an omnidirectional instrument. He thanked the manufacturers for labeling this one "Hohner" on the side you don't blow into.

Bills, Bills, Bills was fantastic. I swear to god, Flans got more into that song than some of his actual songs.

Overall it was just an awesome show. It was great to hear stuff I never thought I'd hear live, like Man, It's So Loud In Here. And they played one of my favorites off the new album, Let Me Tell You About My Operation, which was even better because it came right after They'll Need A Crane. You couldn't ask for better lyrical synergy than that.


Regarding the catchphrases, the second one was "But I AM going commando."