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This one had SIGNIFICANCE written all over it. Not only was it the final show of the Giants’ European tour 2013, and their first such tour since 1999 (back then UK-only). It was the first time they returned to Germany in 19 years, their first German gig in this century, or -if you are a Y2K melancholic- the first time they got on a stage in Germany in the New Millennium! If only they hadn’t played at the Rolling Stone magazine’s festival the day before. But they weren’t headliners there and didn’t play a full set, so it really doesn’t count.
The concert also ranks high in the ever so popular category UNDERPROMOTED. The location on the other hand is a prime example of the city’s UNDERSTATEMENT, reminding the band of New York anno 1985 and the visiting Germans of East Berlin 1950 thru 2050. I don’t know if it reminds the locals of anything; probably just to stay away.
Despite the less than favourable circumstances, good attendance secured pleasurable concert “vibes”, lights and sound were great, the band did a great job performing, the song selection focused on NANOBOTS (which we like a lot) with the usual standards and a few pleasant surprises interspersed (Fingertips), and the audience responded well throughout the show (apes won).
My wife and I were staying at the same hotel like band and crew (aptly described by the Johns during the show as a collaboration between Philippe Starck and Barbie, with Barbie demanding “more pink!”) and were lucky enough to run into John Flansburgh the next morning while checking out. I was star-struck and instantly lost 100 IQ-points; he was really sweet and even signed my ticket. I deserved this, I must say, seeing them on every tour that brought them to Germany since 1989!
I swallow the minor criticism I have (which is not even specific to this show) and instead concentrate on anticipating their return to Germany in 2015, as promised by them on that night. We are willing to pay a little more for the ticket if they bring a horn section. PLEASE BRING A HORN SECTION!