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FAN This user became a TMBG fan in 2005.

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The Netherlands.

This user is 33 years old.

JohnHenry.png This user's favorite album is John Henry.

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A fan from the Netherlands! I am a cartoon artist for a living. I became an instant fan of the band after first seeing Experimental Film on back when I was 15 years old. I remember going on YouTube and watching all TMBG-related videos that were on there... all four of them. I had to wait patiently for many years but in 2013 I finally got to go to my first concert, at the Astra in Berlin, and I hope many more will follow. In 2015 one of my fan drawings got used by the band as an official shirt which is too cool not to point out here.

If you're curious about my artwork you can visit my twitter page, which is being updated at the moment of writing this. There's a portfolio page as well which is most likely in need of an update: I always enjoy a chat with fellow fans, especially since I have yet to meet one in my own country. If anyone wants to hang out at future concerts, don't hesitate to write me!

My physical collection:

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