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Fan Recaps and Comments:

MajinTrunkz - My first TMBG show, and I was blown away. To celebrate Halloween, the band came out all in zombie make-up (except for Dan Miller, who had a drawn-on mustache). Linnell decided that every song they were playing should involve death, so lyrics from "Why Does the Sun Shine?" were changed from "The sun is hot...The sun is large...The sun is far away..." to "The sun is dead...", with Flansburgh then explaining just how dead the sun is, including, "The sun is so fucking dead that it's 93 million miles away and nobody even calls it anymore" and "if the sun were hollow, a million earths could try and fit inside but they would just burn to ash." We were treated to a phone call from late SC senator Strom Thurmond, during which he and Linnell sang a short duet of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Probably the highlight of the night was when the band started playing conga music with Flansburgh singing, "Everybody conga! I'm not fucking kidding!" Thus, an audience-wide conga line ensued. They came out for two encores, the first of which included the song created about the Music Farm for Venue Songs. All-in-all, it was a great experience for a first-time TMBG concert-goer and I'll definitely be seeing them the next time they come to Charleston.