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Fan Recaps and Comments:

- Flans opened the show by remarking about the wall that had been set up in the club to divide the alcohol-served side from the no-alcohol side for this 14+ show. He said TMBG's motto has always been "10 foot wall, 11 foot ladder."

- Linnell had a few alternate versions of the first few letters of the Alphabet during "Alphabet of Nations."

- Phone Call from the Dead was from onetime Boulder resident "Mork from Ork." Linnell seemed a bit surprised to learn that Mork was dead.

- Dan Miller had an extended, "Classical Gas"-esque guitar solo as the intro to "Istanbul" before he was 'allowed' to have a cigarette break.

- Flans strapped on a marching band bass drum for "Whistling in the Dark." He explained afterward that "it feels good to put it on. It feels even better to take it off."

- As with several other recent shows, Linnell added some impromptu lyrics to "Particle Man" to recount the fight between Triangle Man and Mork from Ork. Triangle wins, and Mork from Ork is killed. Again.

- Flans had the two spotlight jockeys in the balcony shine their lights on each other for what appeared to be round one of the running "Beard vs. No Beard" contest. He remarked that, as of tonight, the score was: Beard 1, No Beard 1.

- Every album was represented in the setlist, except "NO!" (TMBG: "Don't Let's Start"; Lincoln: "Ana Ng"; Flood: "Birdhouse," "Particle," "Whistling," "Istanbul"; Apollo 18: "The Guitar"; Misc T: "We're the Replacements," "The Famous Polka"; John Henry: "Snail Shell"; Factory Showroom: "New York City"; Severe Tire Damage: "Dr. Worm"; Mink Car: "Older"; ABC's: "Alphabet of Nations"; The Spine: "Memo to Human Resources," "Damn Good Times"; The Else: just about all of it.)