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Fan Recaps and Comments:

As "warned" by Flansburgh during the earlier 7pm show, this show would have the exact same setlist, but played in backwards order. The band started by playing the last song of their second encore from the earlier show, and continued through the set backwards until they reached the first song of the early show, Damn Good Times.

The Phone Calls From The Dead "caller" was Emily Dickinson, who lived in nearby Amherst. Flansburgh went off-stage to be Dickinson; in the earlier show, Linnell did the "voice" of Coolidge with his keyboard.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) was played in regular time, in contrast to the earlier show's version, which was in probably triple time.

Also, a guy in the audience made a big deal of proposing to his girlfriend during the show by getting the band in on it. Flansburgh pointed the couple out before they played Birdhouse In Your Soul and told the girl to really pay attention to the lyrics. He couldn't say why she had to pay attention, but we all knew what was coming. She said yes.