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Fan Recaps and Comments:

On saturday, November 5th 2005 TMBG played a really rockin show in Eugene. The Opening act was also TMBG, doing a venue songs best of. The show itself was great, way better then when they played here in 03', but I had a really bad after show experince. I went down the street to a market to get some water with my friend, then I realized I left my hat at the venue, so we walked back (we never found the hat.) When we went back outside, I noticed the tour bus was being loaded up, so I thought I might meet one of the Johns, and get them to sign the CD I had brought. After about 5 minutes of waiting, Linnell and Flans came out, Flans was in a hurry to do something, so he ran back into the venue, Linnell got his suitcase out from the bus, but would not sign my CD, he said I could shake his hand though, then he stood around waiting for about 5 minutes for Flans, but would STILL not sign my CD, I had a pen and everything! I wasn't being rude or anything, but he just wouldn't do it, he got in a car, and had someone drive him to the his hotel for the night. We decided to wait for Flans to come back, and when he did, his hands were full with yogart and cereal, so he had an excuse not to sign my CD, but he did talk with me for a second about the Young Fresh Fellows and how good they are.

The whole Linnell thing but a damper on what was an GREAT show, I hoope TMBG comes back to Eugene.

--- (Gasp of horror) You mean Linnell doesn't sign autographs? Oh no! :) Welcome to TMBG land!