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First Set (Venue Songs feat. AJ Schnack):

Second Set:


Encore 2:


Before Brooklyn AJ: "... And they went to Brooklyn ... where they proved once and for all that they really were 'might be giants'."

Before Spine JF: "Man, the surfing here is slang-word. Now we're going to do a montage of songs, like Prince. But unlike Prince, we play the whole songs. They are very short." Crowd: "Yeah! Fingertips"

Before Cyclops Rock JF makes some joke about George Thoroughgood. There were more blues jokes throughout the night due to the stage right wall of the club being covered in paintings of bluesmen.

Before Thunderbird JF: "This is a brand new song. We just learned how to play it." JL: "We never learned how to play it." JF: "We wrote it about 5 years ago." More about how they're going to screw it up, but whatever, fuck it.

Before Angel JL: "The Blows!" This is a Daily Show reference to a story on King Tut.

After Angel JL: "This blows!" JF: "We stopped in San Clemente... We expected to see Dick Nixon walking around... The Ghost of Nixon is a total turn on... very erotic."

Fan Recaps and Comments:


The They Might Be Giants show at the Belly Up in Solana Beach (March 26 2005) was excellent. A good time was had by all. My Sidekick proved incredibly useful for taking (bad) pics and jotting down the setlist in between songs.
The sound at the Belly Up is quite good, I've decided. The cash-only bar, not so good.
They opened for Themselves, and they did a selection of the Venue songs, narrated by AJ Schnack, director of Gigantic. It was funny and a blast.
I didn't manage to get a picture, but they had several They Might Be Giants giant foam fingers.

Dan Miller wrote:

I never intended to continue this live download service (it is really?) after the last tour ended. As much as it sounds like a cliché, due to popular demand we're keeping it going. This summer, look for some great TMBG performances from America and abroad.
This gig in San Diego was the last show in a brief West Coast stint for the band. Out of practice and ready to rock, the band throws out a two plus hour show for the beach combing, metal-detecting fans in Extra-Southern California.
Having spent the day cruising the design centers and arguing over the merits of Fort Green vs. Williamsburg, we were ready for some good surfer rock. The show started off with a mini-set of the Venue Songs, narrated by our own A.J. Schnack (director of Gigantic and all round voice-over talent). This set made its debut at a Lincoln Center show the previous month and it's coming along nicely. Come join us on the bus as we reduce 5 months of touring to 19 minutes. Ride with the band as we make the drive from Pittsburgh, PA to Glasgow, Scotland in record time.
The following main set featured some new tunes from the new DVD/CD - so the set is a bit of a break from the outings last summer. Thunderbird makes a somewhat rare live appearance, especially for me as I missed it on the set list and had to jump in on beat 3.46 of the first bar - see if you can hear the clam.
Lot's of great on stage banter - I think the vibe of this show is partly due to the relief of doing a regular gig after spending the last several days prepping and dealing with a TV taping. The sea air and the bomb shelter style housing give this gig just the right amount of hippie chill combined with our famous Brooklyn angst.