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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

What can you say about Mississippi night? It is the perhaps one of the most classic clubs in America. It has everything a club needs; overcrowded floor, cheap beer, and disgusting bathrooms. The shows we play here are always some of my favorites. Never technically perfect but always super high energy.
John L. Tried to get the band to segue from Robot Rock into Fingertips. Fighting him all the way we managed to totally screw up the change. After much discussion the band finally got it kind of right.


Corn Mo has the honor of being one of the more ridiculous opening acts I've sat through. I was quite proud of myself when, in a flash of drunken inspiration, I requested the old cliche "Freebird." Mr. Mo then went into a 60 second rant about the "Skynard fan" in the back of the club who just had to hear his favorite song, and then he proceeded to actually play it. Easily one of the most memorable concert experiences I've ever had.