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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

This show is the first time the band wrote a song about each venue. John Linnell came on stage during sound check and said that as long as we were recording each show, let's make them unique - the idea was born. So, as of Memphis (where we are now) each gig has a theme song. The tune often gets played during the encore as we screw it up at the top of the show. Many of these tunes have turned out be little gems and we'll post some of the tastier ones as Free MP3s.
I really like the audio quality of this show - were getting better and making it feel more like an event - not too clinical, but clear with lots of rock audience styling.

For some reason Jazz waltz in C and End of the Tour was omitted from the mp3 download

Was not at this show. I did buy the download and it has one of my favorite bits of crowd interaction and banter Before Dr. Worm

− Drunk Lady: Play Something for my kids *holds up cell phone*

JF: Play something for your kids?

− DL: 'Cause there's no babysitter

JF: There's no babysitter? What's the number for social services? That seems like the important call at this point

JF: Don't flip me the bird lady I'm just jokin' you flipped me the fucking bird! You don't think I can't flip the bird back?

JL: She's still on the phone

JF: I'm Sorry

JL: Whatever we got a reputation to uphold. Bad Boys! we're a bunch of bad boys up here! Yeah!