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Fan Recaps and Comments:


This was my first time attending an event at Ryce hall, and let me say that it is a great theatre. Very nice ceiling. Corn mo opened and did a fine job. He's a one-man-band consisting of accordion, vocals, and a drum stick taped to his shoe that he hits a cymbal with. Very funny. After his set, while smoking on the back patio, we saw one of the cast of TV's Friends show. He plays Ross, I believe.
When TMBG came on, we were kind of worried about our crappy assigned seats. This turned out not to matter as Flans soon said for everyone to come up to the foot of the stage; something like, "Security can't stop you, come up front". Then the weirdness began. The first thing I noticed is that Dan Hickey was gone, replaced by Marty Beller (permanently, I later found out). Everyone seemed a bit out of sorts to begin with, and there were some audio problems during the usually crazed acoustic guitar intro to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) that made things worse.
It was still a pretty good show. I don't remember much else except we got a camera-enforced red light ticket going through Beverly Hills on the way back.