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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Jon Atkins:

This was my fourth TMBG show, and I have to admit I've seen better. The band was spectacular, as usual, even if they seemed less energetic than I've seen them in the past. The floor was way too crowded (I think it's time for They to start playing in stadiums) and the sound at M is terrible and it's hard to hear anything but deafening noise. My ears are still ringing. But my main disappointments with the show were the crowd and the acoustics, and not the band itself. They were amazing. Their opening act, Mike Viola, was much more entertaining that some of their previous openers, and I hope to see more of him at upcoming TMBG shows. It took them awhile to come out on stage, but once they were out, it was non-stop fun.

Ben Greenwood:

I'm a thirteen year old TMBG fan who has been into the band since about September of 2001... I forget what exposed me to them, but anyway, I would like to thank it, because it forced me to go to this great TMBG show at the Metropol in Pittsburgh on April 18 of 2001. My friend Jeremiah told me about it, and that he was going and all, so I forced my dad to take me, and we did. When we got to the Metropol, we went and bought tickets and went in. It took us a while to find the stage where they were playing, but when we did, I immediately spotted Jeremiah and went over to him. We talked for a while, then the opening act came on.. I didn't like it. Too much swearing, too much obscenity. But after that, they played samba music for about three zillion hours and then they finally came on, and i was like AHHHHH!!! I forget almost everything about this show, but i remember i was really impressed by their performance of Fingertips. And James K. Polk just made me go WOW, because the performance was great, and the did the confetti thing, and i caught some and saved them. The show was great, and I left that night just thinking "whoa." and my mouth dropped in total awe. Anyway, Jeremiah had to leave halfway through because the french foreign exchange student that he was enslaving was tired and wanted to go home. But still, it was a fantastic show (my first), and so I wrote a review for it.


I can't really add too much onto this concert, everyone above is right about it all! This was me and my wife's first "big date" since having our first child the previous January. I work nights Downtown, so I was worried we'd have to leave the show early, but it turned out we didn't.
The the stick broke down during Lie Still, Little Bottle. Flans brought out the stick and explained how it worked. I don't recall them using the stick at any of the three concerts I had been to previously. They started the song, and the stick worked fine for about five, maybe ten hits then stopped. Flans kept on thumping the stick to the music, even though it wasn't working - you gotta hand it to him that he didn't stop singing - and after a bit simply put the stick back, without missing a beat. He didn't bring up it up afterwards.
We were up on the balcony at Metropol and there was a drunk guy behind us who kept yelling "PLAY THE STATUE SONG! PLAY THE STATUE SONG!!!"